Tatttotes by Wishtatt


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Brand : GUATE


Pannavich Thaweerojthanakij

In crafting this bag, the artist preserved its uniqueness. Typically, the artist employs Chinese ink brushes to create designs on paper before translating them into tattoos. However, for this project, the artist maintained the brushwork, simply substituting paper with leather. This approach ensures that the work still encapsulates the distinctive style of Tee Phuang.

At first glance, many may perceive the surface as a typical Chinese ink drawing. However, within this artwork lies a deeper, hidden meaning carefully crafted by the artist.

For their inaugural endeavor with Chinese brushes, the artist embraced the essence of simplicity by beginning with the most basic form: a circle, also known as 'Enzo' symbolizing beauty in imperfection. This symbolic choice was inspired by the artist's initial exploration with Chinese ink on leather. Hence, the Enzo motif, representing the artist's first strokes in Chinese ink practice, was selected as the central pattern for this piece. Inside the bag, you'll find a depiction of the Enzo, reproduced on both sides.

Pannavich Thaweerojthanakij

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