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Guate is one of the leading leather brands in Thailand. Its long-lasting name has been established in the leather market for more than 20 years. Its artisans are true leather artists, who had experienced over the art of leather.
Their create powers are endless, ideas on the leather subject are ingenious. All the artworks from these artisans are a typical sample of exquisite leather. Each piece is real genuine handmade, unique exclusively at Guate.
Guate in A’lure Magazine
Mar 2016
16 DEC 2015
Guate in Looker Magazine no.061
Who is Guate.
Cause we don’t want to hide no more.

Guate’s leather works always be evidence of true uniqueness. They were extracted from the artisans’ well-crafted experiences. Real beauty of Guate’s works includes their reputable functions, modern and usable designs. Making these works applicable to all, no one would want to hide them.
15 OCT 2016
Guate in Looker Magazine No.059-60
Clasic of Leather
Vintage Collection : Leather Lover 

Leather lovers can always have a sensation of the vintage style, strong impression of durability. Timeless good looks and enduring commitment to its utilities have contributed to the advantages of leather. Guate has realized in those superiorities of leather. It is, therefore, gratifying the leather lovers in this vintage collection. 

26 JUL 2015
Guate in ADay Magazine
Travel like Guate
Guate in ADay Magazine Vol.15 No.180 Aug 2015, Start Journey there you will find

Because your adventures can start anywhere, there is no limit in your journey. This whole lively world is always worth the travel. Your journey can simply be completed with Guate. Each traveling trip has its own memorable story. So does Guate. Every leather works, by Guate, are unique and reflecting the thoughtful designs of the artists. Whenever you are equipped with Guate, start your journey, there you will find.
15 JUL 2015
Guate in Looker Magazine No.057
Special collection: 20th anniversaries of Guate brand

Twenty years ago, Guate had made progress in establishing its own brand for leather lovers. The originality in the leatherworks merge with Guatemala clothes had resulted in the unique pieces of leather arts. As time marches on for 20 years, Guate is now celebrating its successfulness. This special collection: 20th anniversaries of Guate brand, emphasizes its commitment to set out the harmony of leather works and hand-woven clothes. These appealing designs are representing the unique artworks, exclusively found in Guate’s
15 JUN 2015
Guate in Me Style Home and Living Vol.2 No.16
20th Anniversaries: the origin of Guate
The artworks that reveal the perfect blending between the leatherworks and native Gutemala’s clothes, was originated as its brand, Guate, 20 years ago. Its products; bags, were reflecting the sense of South American, where their local hand-woven clothes representing the inventive creations of nature. Guate’s artworks are, then, genuine handmade and unique to its own kind. In this special collection, celebrating this particular event, the designs and processes are again unifying the leatherworks and native hand-woven clothes. These mark up the coming back to Guate’s origin.

22 MAY 2015
Guate in Me Style Home & Living Magazine Vol.2 No.13
GUATE: way of life

If the age of a brand was represented the age of human being, Guate brand might be compared as experienced one. Because the Guate brand has accumulated its own expertise for up to 20 years. The leatherworks from each collection demonstrate not only its superb design and craftivity, but also its creativity and utility. As a result, these leatherworks are equaled to pieces of art, marked their own uniqueness. Twenty years of experience has rendered Guate, to be one of the leading leather brands in Thailand, to be the Guate way of life.
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