This collaboration brings together the leather goods brand GUATE and six national tattoo artists known as Tatttotes. Combining the passion for tattoo art with leather craftsmanship, they have created a special collection of bags, each reflecting the unique identity of the respective artist.
At the event, attendees can participate in tattoo activities tailored specifically for the occasion. Additionally, there will be tattoo designs applied to the 'TATTTOTES Collection' Tote bags, with only six pieces available. Each bag showcases the unique stitching styles of the six participating artists.
Naro.tat, Lastmanink, Wishtatt, Tattoo_fnblue, Babla.tattoo and Boom.jrn
 Period: 29-30 June 2024 (2P.M. - 9P.M.)
Location: JEDI Café & Bar
บ้านและสวน Shopping Week 2024
GUATE invites home enthusiasts to explore home decorations and gardening items in the theme of 'People-Arrange-Things.' Discover bold ideas to adorn your home and garden, and take inspiration back with you. Don't forget to visit GUATE's exhibit to discover the latest in leather goods and bags, as well as other cool and new offerings for this year.
Period: 22-30 June 2024
Location: Impact Muang Thong Thani, Hall 8-10, Booth B19

Camping Time!!

The rainy season is over, and we're entering the new year. Who already has travel plans?! Guate also has plans for everyone to have their favorite bag for this trip, with all four models of bags suitable for all types of travel. I dare to guarantee that if you use this product, you will definitely fall in love and most importantly, this time, Guate doesn't just have a bag, but we also have silver jewelry.

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Camping Time


MT Tan

Backpack BP.Mitty is a lightweight drawstring backpack, can be carried every day, chic design, cool, simple. inside with good fabric lining, can hold a lot of things such as A4 size notebooks, water bottles, etc., very suitable for traveling

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2,500 THB ฿2,500
2,375 THB ฿2,375 -5%




The Genuine Leather Chest Bag in our Happening model boasts a simple yet cool design. It offers ample space inside for various items, including your phone, long wallet, car keys, and notebooks. What makes it special is that both the bag's lock and strap are meticulously hand-sewn. Crafted entirely from chamois leather, the strap is made with vegetable-tanned leather and can be adjusted to your desired length, allowing you to wear it on your chest, back, waist, or shoulder.

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3,500 THB ฿3,500
3,325 THB ฿3,325 -5%



TR Camel

Touring/S crossbody bag, cool design, unisex style, made of tanned leather, strong and durable, the bag is beautiful. The shoulder strap is the right size. Can adjust the length of the shoulder strap, such as adjusting the short strap to attach the bag to the body The shape of the bag will become a chest bag. There is also a zip pocket on the back of the bag that separates the main compartment. Makes it more convenient to pick up cards, keys or other small items. Comes with a pocket size that is not too small, not too big.

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4,800 THB ฿4,800
4,560 THB ฿4,560 -5%



BPM L.Whisky

BP.Mountain is a medium-sized backpack. that can be used easily Convenient to use in daily life Side compartment design for easy-access storage The zip tail uses a round braided leather, which is Guate's signature. When using it, if the zip is placed in the middle, it will make the bag look more beautiful. The shoulder straps are designed to fit both shoulders to help support the weight as well. - Adjustable shoulder strap for length/shortness - The bag has 2 pockets. - Open/close with zipper - The inside is lined with high quality windproof fabric.

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5,800 THB ฿5,800
5,510 THB ฿5,510 -5%


Native American Style
Silver Jewelry
 -coming soon-
leather craft
Accessories Product
GUATE doesn't limit itself to being merely a leather bag brand. We are a leather goods brand with a diverse range of products crafted from high-quality leather.
We are dedicated to fueling our customers' passion for leather goods, and we guarantee that you will discover unique products unlike any you've seen before.
The charm of leather
The charm of leather isn't solely about its durability. For hundreds of years, humans have used leather to craft bags. It's undeniable that durability is the primary reason for choosing leather. However, as time progresses, bags have evolved beyond being mere vessels for carrying luggage. But leather has evolved into a fashion statement and a symbol of personal identity, much like other clothing.
One of the distinctive charms of leather is its timeless, 'aged' appearance. Since genuine leather bags are highly durable, users don't need to change them frequently. Consequently, the areas of the bag that the owner touches frequently start to develop a darker and softer patina. It turns out that each bag possesses its unique beauty, unlike any other. It can be said that to achieve such beauty, a bag must be used exclusively by one individual. Since everyone has different usage habits, every 100 people who use it will end up with a bag that is equally aged and beautiful.

Events in July 2024

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Chatuchak Market, Section 3, Soi 44/2, currently has only one shop. If you are interested in more products, we recommend visiting our store, where you'll find more variety. GUATE is only open on Saturdays and Sundays (10a.m. - 6p.m.)
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