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Camping Time !!
These classic products are reintroduced in their most comprehensive form. Guate offers four highly popular bag models, and their charm lies in their versatility, suitable for both men and women, ensuring a cool, distinct Guate style. This time, we present a camping theme. With the rainy season behind us and the winter season underway, we're delighted to recommend these four bags to customers seeking the perfect travel companions for the upcoming New Year and beyond.
Every journey, no matter how arduous, becomes worthwhile when the desired destination justifies the challenges along the way. This holds true for all forms of travel. Equally significant, however, are the 'travel companions' because the journey becomes more meaningful when shared with others.

Even when you embark on a journey, it's essential to create meaningful stories along the way. Just like choosing friends, it's not about finding the 'ideal' type, but someone who genuinely suits us. At Guate, we offer all these options to help you find a good friend who embodies the Guatemalan style, ensuring that you won't find them anywhere else.

This time, in addition to the bags, we are introducing Guate accessories that are completely new for us. These are not just gimmicks; they are meant for customers who appreciate Guate. Importantly, each piece of jewelry is handmade by skilled craftsmen.

Previously, Guate products were available in various styles, clearly divided into feminine and masculine images. Nowadays, we have developed numerous models that are both simple and feature-rich, catering to customers of all genders. Regardless of who you are, everyone can embrace the coolness of Guaten style.

This product collection marks a significant shift for us, allowing us to rediscover our identity and improve it. We aspire for our identity to inspire confidence in your use of our products.
"Carry Your Story through GUATE"

Leather bags & Accessories


MT Tan

Backpack BP.Mitty is a lightweight drawstring backpack, can be carried every day, chic design, cool, simple. inside with good fabric lining, can hold a lot of things such as A4 size notebooks, water bottles, etc., very suitable for traveling

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2,500 THB ฿2,500
2,375 THB ฿2,375 -5%



HPN D.Whisky

The Genuine Leather Chest Bag in our Happening model boasts a simple yet cool design. It offers ample space inside for various items, including your phone, long wallet, car keys, and notebooks. What makes it special is that both the bag's lock and strap are meticulously hand-sewn. Crafted entirely from chamois leather, the strap is made with vegetable-tanned leather and can be adjusted to your desired length, allowing you to wear it on your chest, back, waist, or shoulder.

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3,500 THB ฿3,500
3,325 THB ฿3,325 -5%



TR Camel

Touring/S crossbody bag, cool design, unisex style, made of tanned leather, strong and durable, the bag is beautiful. The shoulder strap is the right size. Can adjust the length of the shoulder strap, such as adjusting the short strap to attach the bag to the body The shape of the bag will become a chest bag. There is also a zip pocket on the back of the bag that separates the main compartment. Makes it more convenient to pick up cards, keys or other small items. Comes with a pocket size that is not too small, not too big.

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4,800 THB ฿4,800
4,560 THB ฿4,560 -5%


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